Audiobook Production Starts for Get Dicey

Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun was the first book that I wrote and published. It’s a nonfiction guide to the casino game craps based on my years working as a dice dealer in Las Vegas, NV.

Way back in 2005 when I released the paperback, the Gambler’s General Store in Las Vegas stocked and sold the book. Midwest Gaming & Travel Magazine featured an excerpt in its publication. Since then I’ve sold the paperback and ebook at this website, Amazon, Ebay, and other online retailers.

I’m excited to explore how the audiobook market will receive this title. I’ve produced a nonfiction title for audio previously. The audiobook version of the Home Canning Guide for Everyone Who Eats has enjoyed consistent sales ever since.

I’m assembling the audio files for distribution through Findaway Voices. This platform enables independent authors and audiobook producers to distribute audiobooks to numerous online channels, including Audible, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play, Chirp, and many more. See more details here. The great thing about Findaway Voices is that I get to set the prices for my audiobooks. This differs from ACX, the original way for me to enter the market at Audible and iTunes, where I had no pricing control. Findaway Voices even lets me submit price promotions for audiobooks at various outlets.

I anticipate that by summer, Get Dicey will be ready for release in its audiobook form.

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