How to Play Craps Audiobook Now Available

Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun Audiobook

When I was a craps dealer in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had to explain to people how to play craps during a live game. Although I would try my best, this was not the ideal way to learn how to play dice at a casino.

After I became a writer, I wrote the book Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun to record once and for all everything I knew about playing craps. The title enjoyed modest success within its niche market as an ebook and paperback. Midwest Gaming and Travel magazine even featured an excerpt the year I published the book. The Gambler’s General Store in Las Vegas stocked the title as well.

Now at long last, people curious about playing craps can listen to me explain the game outside of a hectic casino environment. I’ve recorded the craps audiobook version of Get Dicey so that people can grasp the basics and study popular power pressing strategies before they put their money down. You could listen to the audiobook while traveling to the casino and be ready to play when you get there.

Craps can be bewildering if you don’t know what’s going on. When you do know how to play, however, craps can be enormously entertaining. Get Dicey walks listeners through every bet on the table and explains how to communicate with dealers to place bets. Detailed descriptions of the probability associated with each bet provide insights about which bets are the good bets and which bets have almost no chance of paying you.

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Ask Your Library to Add Get Dicey to Its Digital Collection

Many libraries have digital collections of ebooks and audiobooks for patrons to check out. Get Dicey is a craps audiobook available to libraries through distributers like OverDrive and Bibliotheca.

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