Leap Day Sale on Ebooks and Audiobooks

The concept of Leap Year fascinates me. I remember when I learned about it as a kid. The fact that days imprecisely comprised a year and an adjustment had to be made irked me. At this later age, I accept that the universe is imperfect.

And Leap Day means we have an extra day to read.

To recognize this bonus day of life, I’m running a site-wide 30 percent off sale on my ebooks and audiobooks.

To get the discount, enter promo code:


in the box at checkout.

(Promo code valid through February 29th.)

This is an excellent opportunity to pick up the next book in one of my series.

Find all titles listed for each series on the appropriate page:

And the 30 percent off can be used on the ebook value bundles and audiobooks too.


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