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Two Conceptual Approaches to Writing Series

As the author of three different series, I group series writing into two camps. One requires the author to know, at least in broad terms, the overarching story being told by the individual parts. The second approach relies on a … Continue reading

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Excerpt from New Religion – Epic Fantasy 50% Off at Smashwords

The sheer scale of epic fantasy attracts me. I love stories with many interesting characters and multiple settings. In the Rys Rising series, I developed two civilization, each under the influence of a magical race. The characters include magical beings … Continue reading

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Early Modern Witch Hunting and Modern Crime Investigation

I got to do lots of interesting research for the historical setting of the Werewolves in the Renaissance series. Crime and punishment for witchcraft are at the heart of the first novel, and I learned that the Early Modern period … Continue reading

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What is an empath and how this identity motivates my writing

Empathy is a state of perception that allows you to actually feel the emotions of others (people, animals, plants, the Earth). An empath describes an individual who has a natural ability to detect and absorb the emotional energies of others. … Continue reading

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Nature and magic fuel fantasy fiction settings and plots

Epic adventure requires an epic setting. Read on and consider how fantasy novels blend magic with the grandeur of Nature to create powerful entertainment. Two of the most common elements in fantasy novels are Nature and magic. They are linked … Continue reading

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How life in Michigan influences fantasy author Tracy Falbe

Authors are influenced by where they grow up and the places they live throughout their lives. What would some of Mark Twain’s books be like if he had not known the Mississippi River? His pen name wouldn’t have even been … Continue reading

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