December Download Frenzy at Smashwords All Ebook Genres

Massive end of your sale on ebooks from all genres at Smashwords

Books by Tracy Falbe are 50% or free at the Smashwords global ebook store.

I’m participating in the retailer’s annual End of Year Ebook Sale in effect from December 15th to January 1st.

Browse all of my ebook titles and series at my Smashwords profile.

Heavy December Download Activity

This annual sale normally generates thousands of downloads, both free and paid, for the indie authors who distribute their work at Smashwords.

Long-time customers of the platform that has been operational since 2009 know to wait for this big sale due to the heavy discounts offered. According to Smashwords founder Mark Coker:

It’s quite common for Smashwords customers to stuff their shopping carts with hundreds of dollars worth of deep-discounted titles during these sales. Since Smashwords authors earn 80% or more of the list price as their royalty for customer cart sizes over $9, it means even 99-cent ebooks often earn 80% list during these sales, as do higher-priced books.

Smashwords Blog

If you’ve been planning on picking up another title in one of my fantasy series, this is the time to do it. All titles are 50% off regular price.

Several of my titles are free through New Year’s Day as well. Give my work a try with a free download. If you like what you read, there’s plenty of super affordable ebooks to keep your imagination happy the rest of the winter (or summer for my Southern Hemisphere readers).

Today’s Featured Fantasy Box Set December Download Deal:

50% Off Through January 1 – All four books from The Rys Chronicles my first fantasy series that I wrote. Thousands around the world have enjoyed this epic magical adventure. Now you can too! The Rys Chronicles Ebook

The Rys Chronicles: Complete Fantasy Series Box Set
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