Google Play Auto-Narration Means Cheap Audiobooks

Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale is now an audiobook on Google Play.

The beta version of Google’s auto-narration tool has been free to publishers, and I took advantage of it to create an audiobook of my historical fantasy werewolf novel Werelord Thal.

As someone who has paid to produce audiobooks in the past, or recorded them myself, I was intrigued by the potential of auto-narration. I know that some people will cringe at the thought of a sterile auto-narration, but compared to spending thousands of dollars and dozens of hours to produce an audiobook, it can be forgiven for its limitations.

Google Play Audiobooks Made With Auto-Narration

I will say that the auto-narration did a good job of reading the text. I only had to adjust the usage or pronunciation of a handful of words throughout the whole novel. Although the auto-narration lacks artistry, it does get the job done.

I know that some people have already been converting ebooks to audiobooks with text-to-speech software for years. One of my reader’s turned me on to the whole technology years ago. This means that there is a consumer niche for people who want to listen to stories and won’t fuss too much about auto-narration when they can get audiobooks at low cost.

$1 Audiobooks Now Possible

Because the recording of Werelord Thal was automated, I’m able to offer it for the astonishingly pitiful price of $0.99 for an audiobook.

I’m hoping that auto-narration will allow many more works to enter the audiobook market, which has been constrained to best-sellers mostly due to the production costs involved.

On September 10, 2022, the Werelord Thal audiobook will go live in the Google Play Store. As of this evening, it is active for preordering.

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