Epic Fantasy Box Set Available to Kobo Plus Subscribers in Canada

Rys Rising Complete Series Box Set

Kobo has finally launched its reader subscription service in Canada. For $9.99 Canadian each month, subscribers get can read as many ebooks as they please as long as the titles are part of the Kobo Plus subscription program.

Rys Rising Complete Series on Kobo Plus

Because I’ve distributed the Rys Rising Complete Series Box Set through Kobo, I’ve chosen to make it available to Kobo Plus subscribers.

This box set will certainly let fantasy fans get their money’s worth out of the subscription dollars. The box set contain four, full-length novels that tell an epic tale of warring civilizations from all points of view.

The box set contains the novels:

  • Rys Rising
  • Savage Storm
  • New Religion
  • Love Lost

Readers new to Kobo Plus get a 30-day free trial. You can enjoy quite a bit of reading before you have to pay anything.

About the Rys Rising Series

In this passionate epic told from many angles, the young outlaw Amar becomes a dreaded warlord, the terror of kings. His ambitions blind him to the trivial diversions of mere female company until he must block a treaty marriage between two powerful tribes. Confronted by the desperate Princess Demeda, he feels temptation again, but the longings of his ruined heart cannot overcome his pure love for Onja. She is a mysterious outcast from the magical rys race that is oppressed by the tabre of Nufal. Onja has commanded Amar to dominate the humans of Gyhwen while she plots to overthrow her tabre masters. To support her cause, she aims to seduce Dacian, a prodigy among rys whose powers have been hobbled by his loyalty to the ruling tabre order. Will he endure more dark abuses for the sake of peace or reach out to Onja?

While a rys rebellion secretly brews, the human minions of the tabre battle pillaging savages. The young estate lord Cruce Chenomet joins the fight. Violent trials and sensual surprises break the trail on his journey to manhood. Packed with primitive energy and complex motivations, the intertwining stories and rising stakes of this fantasy world will indulge your cravings for intrigue, bravery, desire, and freedom.

Read this gripping fantasy series at Kobo today.

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