Free Fantasy Ebooks to Download for Kindle

What’s free to download on Kindle changes from day to day. Amazon does not generally allow authors or publishers to set a free price for a Kindle ebook. The lowest price allowed by Kindle Direct Publishing is $0.99.

However, Amazon allows certain authors to have a limited number of free giveaway days. Authors use their allotted free days as promotional tools to attract the attention of readers.

This is a good marketing tactic, but not one available to me. Only indie authors who commit to selling their ebooks exclusively on the Kindle store have the ability to run free ebook giveaways on certain days. I do not have this privilege because I sell my ebooks at many online retailers and library distributors.

Price Matching

However, Amazon typically offers my novels Union of Renegades, Rys Rising, and Werelord Thal as free Kindle downloads, at least in the U.S., because of price matching. Amazon wants to have the best price, so the retailer makes those novels for free because they are free everywhere else, like Apple Books and Google Play.

Price Matching Can Come and Go

Although my series starters are frequently free, Amazon does sometimes revert them to their $0.99 price. This usually happens if I get a few dozen free downloads on one day. I don’t know if the algorithm thinks that it can start making money or if it wants people to stop downloading my free novel for free.

The price matching is rarely apparent in Amazon’s other Kindle stores for Canada, Australia, and the U.K. Price matching could work in those locations if interested readers alerted Amazon to the better price at other retailers.

How Kindle Readers in Any Country Can Get My Free Ebooks

Right here at Brave Luck Books, anyone with a Kindle can add my free ebooks to their devices. Simply select the .mobi format. This is essentially the kindle format and will work on your Kindle.

Smashwords is another great source for free downloads for Kindle, and it’s accessible by people around the world. Filtering your searches for free titles is very easy at that retail site, and it offers the Kindle format. Browse all of my novels at Smashwords. The first book in any of my series will be a free download.

In addition to my titles, Smashwords is a great place to find more free reading material for your Kindle. Thousands of indie authors and publishers use this platform.

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