New Audiobook Release! Lessons Learned: A Rys World Short Story

Lessons Learned narrated by Tracy Falbe
1 hour of audio narrated by Tracy Falbe

Lessons Learned: A Rys World Short Story introduces the author Tracy Falbe as the audiobook narrator.

Audiobook is scheduled for worldwide release on May 5, 2020, but I’m not sure if all audiobook sites will have it precisely on that date. The distributor for this title has warned users that intake delays, particularly at Audible, can be expected because of the coronavirus pandemic.

To its credit, Google Play already has it available for preorder.

Update May 5, 2020: Lessons Learned now live at Apple, Kobo, and Scribd.

I’ve made my new audiobook available for purchase and download right here in MP3 format. The download comes in a .zip folder that contains the Mp3 files.

Audio Excerpt from Lessons Learned

Narrated by Tracy Falbe

1 hour of audio mp3 files delivered in .zip file


A rash act of defiance thrusts Shan into a high stakes competition with Onja, his lover, his queen.

His compassion for a mere human starts his descent into a dangerous test that he is not prepared for. Then, his desire to be his own master drives him to continue. Shan feels his magic growing inside him. He sees the good that can be accomplished if only he can stop the vicious queen who has ruled over the rys and her human worshipers for centuries.

This short fantasy story presents a prequel episode between Shan and Onja 400 years before the events in the epic fantasy series The Rys Chronicles.

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