Werewolf Castle Earns 5-star Reviews at Amazon Kindle

The publication of Werewolf Castle in October 2019 after a painful five-year gap in productivity heralded my return to fiction writing after a prolonged illness and a great deal of life getting in the way of writing. I’m thrilled that the first reviews that have come in for Werewolf Castle in the Amazon Kindle store have been positive.

Normally, people who read my series are pleased with the subsequent novels. The free availability of the first books in my series weeds out readers who do not enjoy my stories. Even so, as a series writer, I put much effort into making each book in a series a good read that builds to a satisfying conclusion.

I’ve learned to take screenshots of reviews posted on Amazon because I’ve had them disappear in the past. The loss of glowing 5-star Kindle review from a verified buyer of Journey of the Hunted was particularly stinging. The review stated that I was the equal of several popular authors, like Orson Scott Card. Perhaps Amazon flagged that totally legitimate review as too good to be true, which is quite galling. I do not pay for fake reviews. In fact, I simply let them trickle in organically.

The following screenshot details the satisfaction of two readers who were pleased with Werewolf Castle and the entire Werewolves in the Renaissance trilogy.

As a writer, I feel very gratified that my characters reach readers in a visceral way. I truly spend a great deal of time agonizing over whether the prose imparts the inner lives of the characters in a meaningful way that connects with readers. Aside from writing a story that flows and makes a reasonable amount of sense, character development represents the magic that brings novels alive. A reader has to care in some way about what is happening to the people in the story.

Werewolf Castle: Werewolves in the Renaissance 3

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About Werewolf Castle

Thal has found refuge from werewolf hunters and assassins at the castle of his father, Sarputeen. Although the mountain fortress on the eastern fringe of the Holy Roman Empire shields him for the moment, he knows the peace can’t last.

His father counsels war against his old rival who sent servants to murder Thal. But first, Thal must increase his power and that means making a pack. To obtain men to make werewolves, Sarputeen calls in an old debt from the local duke.

The thought of giving others the werewolf magic troubles Thal. He knows that they will be forever bound to him as obedient killers. They will never have normal lives again. Despite his qualms, he is troubled most by the supernatural fext who can heal from all wounds. This foul assassin serves the sorcerer Tekax, and Thal cannot dare to battle them without more werewolves at his side.

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