2020 New Year’s Goal – Finish writing another novel

Happy New Year! In 2019, I got my feet underneath me as an author after a long period of personal challenges. I published the long-awaited third part of the Werewolves in the Renaissance series, Werewolf Castle.

I’m feeling confident about creating more stories in 2020 and am publicly setting the goal of finishing a new novel in 2020. I’m happy to say that I’m already 12,000 words into my newest project. It’s truly too early for me to reveal any details about the upcoming novel, except to say that it is a sci fi adventure. The genre that I’m aiming for is something akin to space opera or space fantasy.

I’ve always planned on writing a sci fi series. Sci fi is the cohabitating partner of fantasy for a reason. A sci fi narrative relies on advanced technology in a similar way that a fantasy story requires magic. Writing sci fi demands that I structure more metaphors and imagery around technological and scientific concepts whereas with fantasy I find that my inspirations are deeply based in the natural world. I like to think of fantasy as the organic foods section of literature and science fiction as RadioShack.

Both sci fi and fantasy provide ample opportunity to explore metaphysical subjects as well. Whether it’s a magic being singing to trees or the vast galactic unknown, both scenarios connect characters to the great questions of life and the universe.

May you make progress toward your goals this New Year as I pursue mine. Join my Readers’ List newsletter and follow the development of my first sci fi novel. 

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