44 Free Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

If you’re looking for a constant supply of free ebooks, then visit Prolific Works any day of the week. It’s an ebook giveaway platform where authors, including many indie authors like me, connect with new readers by providing free samples.

Right now, I’m running an ebook giveaway at Prolific Works that includes 44 free ebooks in the sci fi and fantasy genres. Readers have until December 18th, to access the giveaway page.

To discover a new indie author, visit the Flagship Fantasy and Sci Fi Giveaway. Visitors will find a couple of my free titles, because I’m the giveaway organizer, along with a diverse selection of exciting novels and previews by dozens of genre writers.

Go Beyond the Retailer Marketing Algorithm

Browsing multi-author giveaways is a great way to find new authors. It differs from searching for a new title at an ebook retailer. Marketing algorithms at ebook retailers will focus on the best-selling titles by organizing books into top 10 or top 100 lists. This system only partially succeeds in exposing readers to the best talents because the popularity contest marketing system builds barriers that keep other authors from gaining notice. If a title does not get enough sales, it will never break into a list and gain exposure to customers. In this way, the retail ecosystem perpetuates sales for the same titles and limits churn on the charts. I can understand the motivation for doing this because the system markets proven sellers, but it buries other titles regardless of their merit because they never get a day in the sun. Most visitors to the retailer will only look at what the system merchandises and never see any of the thousands of other titles available.

Hitting giveaway sites like Prolific Works gives people a chance to see titles merchandised from a different perspective. Authors willing to make the effort to market their creations and offer a free sample gain a chance to be seen. Readers get free reads and sometimes discover hidden gems.

If you encounter this post after the giveaway closes on Dec. 18th, all hope is not lost. You can always get a free read right here at Brave Luck Books on the free ebooks page.

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