Legends, Monsters, and Gods Bargain Ebooks for 99 Cents

This week only, July 8 to July 12, fantasy readers can snap up bargain ebooks at the 99-cent sale organized by Art of the Arcane. This ebook sale features 21 different ebooks, and some are even box sets for 99 cents.

I’m promoting Journey of the Hunted as part of the Legends, Monsters, and Gods sale. You can get it for the bargain price of $0.99 at:



Google Play

I’m grateful to Art of the Arcane for organizing this bargain sale.

Why Do Authors Contribute to Bargain Ebook Sales?

I look for opportunities to market my novels alongside other authors in similar genres to help attract attention. If I run a sale on one of my ebooks all by myself, it’s not a very compelling offer to readers browsing the internet.

But if someone who likes to read sees a headline about a bargain sale for 21 different ebooks, then he or she might click through. The buffet effect entices with the promise that someone will be able to find something that appeals.

Synergy also results because participating authors all market the sale. I’m not a lone voice in the wilderness begging for attention. I’m part of a chorus asking for attention.

Of course, only a fraction of visitors to the bargain ebook sale page will actually be interested in my novel. They might choose another title or nothing at all, but at least I got them to look at my work.

Picking out a book is a personal and somewhat fussy decision for every reader. For me to get my chance, I need to parade my fictional works before as many potential readers as possible.

Readers benefit from group promotions. The marketing tactic convinces authors to lower a price on one of their novels for a time. Readers who are paying attention to our pleas for attention save money and get to find good books to read.

Not everything that is a good read can be easily discovered at ebook retailers. The most popular lists tend to self perpetuate because book browsers aren’t going to dig much deeper than the top 20 or top 100 titles of any given category.

That’s why following authors online is a great way to increase exposure to novels that you might not ever discover otherwise.

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