Rys Rising Fantasy Series on Sale at Smashwords

Every July, Smashwords invites authors to participate in the site-wide promotion known as the Summer Winter Sale. This reflects the international reach of the ebook retailer.

Whether the weather is summer or winter for you, Smashwords is the scene of a month-long deluge of free and discounted ebooks. Multiple formats are available, so readers can load their ebooks on to the devices of their choice.

I routinely take advantage of the sales promotions at Smashwords, and this month is no exception. Everyone can save 50% off any titles in the Rys Rising fantasy series at Smashwords. Sale ends July 31.

Savage Storm – A Personal Favorite

The second book in the Rys Rising series is Savage Storm. Although as an author I like all of my novels, I do admit to an extra fondness for Savage Storm. Writing it was pure fun despite it being an epic and gritty novel. The sheer defiance and bad behavior displayed by many of the characters delighted me.

I’m especially proud of Demeda’s betrayal of her father and whole tribe. They were abominable to her, but she showed them her power in the end. She aided Amar in his conquest of the kingdom as part of Onja’s holy war.

There’s so much more in the novel, that I promise the above statements won’t spoil a thing.

Buy Savage Storm at Smashwords for only $2.50 this month

The next two novels are on sale as well. I’ll share my memories about writing New Religion and Love Lost in future posts.

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