Heyday of Fantasy Adaptations for TV Appears to be at Hand

Streaming in general has launched a golden age of television. Productions from the small screen are attracting top talent, and the fantasy genre gets a place at the table too. As someone who grew up with a dearth of fantasy adaptions for television, I was excited to learn how many fantasy and sci fi novels are in development for streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and Apple.

With the completion of the Game of Thrones television series, others are eager to replicate its success. Amazon, as usual, is strutting about like top dog with its deal to produce an original Lord of the Rings series. With rumors of a multi-season commitment and a total $1 billion budget, it could be absolute bliss.

Although I feel that Arthurian legends are overdone, Netflix might have a good idea with its upcoming production of Cursed. Set in the Arthurian world, it’s supposed to feature a female character who eventually becomes the Lady of the Lake.

Apple might be on to something brilliant with its production of the Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov. It’s been too long since classic science fiction was produced for viewers.

Despite my natural love of the Lord of the Rings, I’m most excited about Amazon’s other big fantasy project, which is Conan the Barbarian. I very much admire the movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The original adventures by R.E. Howard have great potential to translate into episodic television.

With so many fantasy adaptations headed into production, I can hope for some good entertainment in the coming years. I have diverse tastes, but fantasy is always the genre that I want the most.

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