Coupon code Dec2018 saves you 30% on fantasy ebooks

Through the end of the year, use coupon code Dec2018 and save 30 percent off your ebook or audiobook order at Brave Luck Books.

While I keep working on my next novel, continue one of my series or send ebooks as gifts.

Digital downloads are an elegant solution for last minute gifts when you don’t have time to ship a physical gift.

How to Send Ebooks as Gifts

Checkout at my website provides the option of sending digital downloads to a gift recipient. At the top of the form where you enter payment details, the form asks you if the purchase is a gift. If it is, select “yes” and then enter the recipient’s email.

Whether sending a gift or getting an ebook for yourself, enjoy coupon code Dec2018 at my website for 30 percent off.

How to Use the Coupon Code

When you add an ebook to the shopping cart, enter the code


where the cart says “Got a code?” right next to your total.

Do this before you hit Checkout.

Shop by Series

Werewolves in the Renaissance (This page has the free ebook Werelord Thal and the sequel Journey of the Hunted for $2.99.)

Rys Rising Series (This page has the free ebook Rys Rising: Book I and the sequels Savage Storm, New Religion, and Love Lost for $4.99 each.)

The Rys Chronicles (This page has the free ebook Union of Renegades and the sequels The Goddess Queen, Judgment Rising, and The Borderlands of Power.)

Fantasy Audiobooks

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