Refugee Trail – my new novella that I rescued from oblivion

On November 15th, my new release Refugee Trail will be available worldwide.

It’s a fantasy novella of survival and magic.

It almost didn’t survive to reach publication.

I began writing it in 2014. I conceived of it as a new fantasy world set on a planet experiencing upheaval after the impact of a comet. After writing epic novels for many years, I wanted this project to focus on the shorter novella form. If I made it into a series, I wanted to build the series with tight, episodic adventures.

After writing six chapters in 2014, I became too ill to write and stopped working on it.

I stopped just about everything and lived off my savings for several months. I had collapsed from adrenal gland fatigue. My body was as trashed as my mind, and I could do very little.

I stopped writing and struggled to rebuild my health.

During the initial months of my recovery from adrenal gland fatigue, I questioned whether I would write fiction again. At some point, I deleted the files for Refugee Trail from my computer.

About a year later, I felt somewhat better and decided that I wanted to keep writing fiction. I began the novel Werewolf Castle (which I’m currently editing) and gave little thought to my abandoned novella.

Although the computer files for Refugee Trail were gone, I had printed my partial manuscript. Four years later, I started reading it, and I discovered that I liked it.

To revive the draft back into digital format, I first tried to scan my printed pages, but I had already put handwritten edits over most of the pages, and the scans would not translate to a word processor program in a usable manner.

I was forced finally to read the draft aloud and use voice-to-text software to return the manuscript to a workable state.

I then finished writing Refugee Trail and am pleased to announce the publication of my first new work of fiction in four years.

You can preorder it now at your preferred retail outlet for the November 15th release.

Only $0.99 at:

About the Novella:

Myles Rulong leads a band of survivors into unknown lands. They were driven from their ancestral home by the brutal Lashers waging a campaign to capture resources. A comet had hit their fair world of Deos, and the planetary disruption had brought cruel drought to a once bountiful continent.

Myles and his people are now bereft of their ancient Kadolia magic. Their Elders say that the magic came from their homeland and that it is gone forever. They are scrambling desperately through badlands to stay ahead of Lasher slave hunters when a faction of survivors wants to turn back and surrender. Myles struggles to keep his people united, but annihilation looms until he senses the return of his power.

Read this fantasy novella of survival and magic today.

You can preorder it now at your preferred retail outlet for the November 15th release.

Only $0.99 at:


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