The Goddess Queen fantasy novel now at many more Audiobook outlets

Why do people like audiobooks?

The audio format taps into the age-old experience of listening to stories. Storytelling began in the depths of prehistory as a spoken experience. People still naturally have the ability to process the spoken word and imagine new adventures alongside heroes and heroines.

The pervasive presence of smartphones and tablets makes audiobooks easy for people to download, store, and listen to anywhere. Headphones and earbuds grant privacy in public places so that people can reside safely in cocoons of audio content.

Busy lifestyles are increasingly motivating fiction lovers to choose audiobooks. If you don’t have the time to read the big novels that you used to enjoy, audiobooks are the answer.

Over the years, I’ve managed to produce two of my epic fantasies in audio. I’m hoping to release more audiobooks in the future.

Narrator Andrew Wetmore’s rich voice did a lovely job on The Goddess Queen: The Rys Chronicles Book II.

About the novel:

The Kezanada agents of Queen Onja stalk Shan with enchanted weapons. Dreibrand Veta’s growing list of victories has increased his influence, but the rebellion proceeds slowly for Miranda whose children remain captive in Jingten. Shan’s armies will soon confront Onja, but she will tenaciously defend her throne, and Shan will discover that he does not know the powerful secrets of the Goddess Queen.

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