The Secret is Out: The Right Music Boosts Productivity

I’ve known for many years what this article from Popular Science reveals. Listening to a certain style of music improves focus and helps me write. It can help people concentrate on other tasks too. For example, the article says that listening to music of the right style aids surgeons. If you got a surgery coming up, you might want to ask what’s on the surgeon’s playlist.

So, what kind of music enhances focus and the ability to work productively?

This article promotes video game soundtracks as an ideal. This makes sense because everything about video games is carefully designed to maintain the focus of players and keep them from doing anything else. I’ll add that many types of movie soundtracks serve just as well.

The key is that the music should have no lyrics or at least very little singing. As a writer, I’ve been listening to orchestral-style music, mostly movie soundtracks, while writing for years. The absence of lyrics is essential because I’m choosing and organizing words. Song lyrics would distract from that.

I supplement my music collection with the Epic Soundtracks station at Pandora. It’s an awesome writing aid. The music blocks out household noise, keeps my writing pace at a certain rhythm, and provides enjoyment as well.

You should be listening to video game soundtracks at work

Productivity studies suggest you can boost your output with the right music. Make sure to artfully arrange your workspace so it looks good in pictures Pixabay As I write these words, a triumphant horn is erupting in my ear over the rhythmic bowing of violins.

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