Eastern Coyotes in the news stalking dog walker in New Jersey

Eastern coyotes, also known as coy-wolves, have become prevalent in the Eastern United States. They live near me in Michigan, and I have both heard them and seen them. They creep into my neighborhood in mid to late summer to hunt juvenile geese before they can fly away.

Although pet owners need to take precautions against their animals getting eaten by these wily animals, it does comfort me to know that the wild world persists. Coy-wolves have adapted to our urban and suburban environments. They appear to be thriving even though they can be hunted at will, at least in my area. To learn more about this species that emerged from matings of wolves and coyotes, I recommend the documentary Meet the Coy-wolf.

Band of aggressive coyotes surrounds dog-walker in Saddle River

SADDLE RIVER– Police issued an alert after approximately five coyotes circled a person out walking a dog Thursday. The incident occurred on Oak Road, where the band came within six feet of the person and tried to snatch the dog, police said. A passing motorist honked and then left the vehicle to help scare the animals…

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