20 Quotes About the Love of Books and Reading

I found this collection of quotes extolling books at the International Business Times. Books offer a unique form of entertainment and education that engages the mind in an active give and take. Books make us feel and think, which are two tremendous achievements because many people seem capable of neither. My favorite quote on the list comes from Julian Barnes about how books offer explanations and life tends not to.

National Book Lovers Day 2017 Quotes

Aug. 9 marks the National Book Lovers Day. It is unclear how this day was first marked, however, many celebrate it by picking up their favorite book and settling down in a nice reading spot. On National Book Lovers Day, you can visit one of the 120,000 libraries in the U.S. and grab your favorite book.…

Although most readers access my fiction in digital form because it’s easier for independent authors to connect with ebook readers because our books aren’t in physical stores, I do produce most of my titles in paperback.

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