Tracy Falbe complete fantasy works 2016 – ebook value bundle

It’s been known to happen. Someone enjoys one of my novels so much that he or she buys all of my novels.

The low price of ebooks makes this a trifling indulgence, especially if you go for the ebook value bundle of my complete fantasy works as of 2016.

The bundle contains:

  • Union of Renegades
  • The Goddess Queen
  • Judgment Rising
  • The Borderlands of Power
  • Rys Rising
  • Savage Storm
  • New Religion
  • Love Lost
  • Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale
  • Journey of the Hunted

Altogether, these ebooks would be $32.69 at normal retail price. Only at my website can you get the bundle of 10 novels for $19.99.

If you’ve read one or more of my free ebooks and decided that my fiction really satisfies, then load up your ebook reader and have hours and hours of entertainment.

If you’ve read all or most of my work and really liked it, consider giving my novels as a gift.

Gifting of digital items is enabled at this site by my SendOwl download service. To send an ebook or audiobook as a gift:

  1. Select “yes” for gift at top of checkout form.
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Tracy Falbe Complete Fantasy Works 2016

(10 Novel Value Bundle of The Rys Chronicles, Rys Rising series, Werelord Thal, and Journey of the Hunted)

$19.99 USD




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