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How to Play Craps Audiobook Now Available

When I was a craps dealer in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had to explain to people how to play craps during a live game. Although I would try my best, this was not the ideal way to learn how to … Continue reading

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Audiobook Production Starts for Get Dicey

Falbe Publishing announces audiobook production for Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun. Continue reading

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Read my articles at Medium

When I’m not working on book-length works, I write articles on subjects that interest me. This year, I’ve discovered the website Medium. The best way to describe it would be that it’s the world’s blog. Anyone can use the platform … Continue reading

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Giant List of Turkey How to Advice and FAQ

Like most years, I’ll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family. Much of my daily life involves cooking. (I have bread dough rising as I write this.) My lifelong hobby of baking granted me the ability to publish my grandma’s … Continue reading

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Netflix leaves vintage movie lovers without a ticket

I agree with the lament of this article that Netflix should have more classic vintage movies on streaming. Although I’m a DVD subscriber too, it seems that there are so many old movies that could find new life on streaming. … Continue reading

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Cheating the casino not worth it

This article about a man in New Jersey facing criminal charges after cheating at craps in a casino reminded me of my days working in Las Vegas. The tactic described in this article, in which a player snatches away pass … Continue reading

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A closer look at the cultural attitudes in Gone with the Wind

Over at Medium, I published an essay about one of my favorite novels, “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. The epic backdrop of the Civil War and Reconstruction places “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell at a pivotal … Continue reading

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Diverse and affordable digital titles for libraries from Overdrive

All digital titles from Falbe Publishing are available to many public and private libraries through Overdrive. My independently produced titles offer low prices to libraries wishing to acquire ebook lending rights for their patrons. Patrons of libraries that offer my … Continue reading

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My Experience with Box Set Publishing

Ebook box sets have emerged in the marketplace for two reasons. They offer readers excellent value and provide an additional platform for authors to promote their works of fiction and nonfiction and profit from them. With digital publishing, enormous amounts … Continue reading

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Vintage corn bread recipe – moist and easy to make

The recipe that I use most often from My Grandma’s Vintage Recipes is the one that she labeled “rich corn cake.” It’s a nice and moist corn bread recipe. You only need a few ingredients, and you can whip it … Continue reading

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