Cheating the casino not worth it

This article about a man in New Jersey facing criminal charges after cheating at craps in a casino reminded me of my days working in Las Vegas. The tactic described in this article, in which a player snatches away pass line bets or adds to them depending on the roll of the dice, was something that dealers and floor people had to watch for. I saw it a few times. I don’t recall the casino ever involving law enforcement, but casino security in Las Vegas is generally worse than the police! When you read the article, note that the man is now in trouble over a measly $755.

Craps cheater at Sands Bethlehem faces 54 charges, cops say

A Middlesex County, New Jersey, man is accused of cheating 54 times at craps last winter at Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem. Tyrone S. Jackson, 41, of South Plainfield, is wanted by Pennsylvania State Police on 54 counts of knowingly by trick/fraud win or reduce a loss, a misdemeanor charge. He was expected to turn himself in…

How to Play Craps Guide

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