What’s it like writing a fantasy novel heavy on the bad guy action?

I address this question to myself in my guest post this week at the fantasy and sci fi blog Beyond Worlds. As the highlighted author there this week, I wrote about Rys Rising: Book I and explained that it’s not a novel carried on the shoulders of a only good guy hero.

Here’s an excerpt from my article:

The novel Rys Rising: Book I has a main character named Amar who murders, steals, generally kicks ass, and serves a magical rys who just might be the worst soul ever born even though her enemies certainly deserve her hatred.

What’s it like writing a novel heavy on the bad guy action? It’s a lot of fun. It means he gets to win a lot because, if you really look at reality, horrible people get away with unconscionable deeds all the time.

See my complete post at Beyond Worlds where I talk about the hero of Rys Rising as well. Yes, I like heroes too, but as I said I enjoyed writing Amar. Setting aside pesky concepts like right and wrong made Amar an exhilarating character. Although I would never want to hurt people, I do find it liberating to imagine being an outlaw and what it must feel like to succeed in that pitiless arena.

If you think you might find Amar intriguing, start reading Rys Rising: Book I. Go to Chapter 1 Mountain Daughter. The complete novel is online at this blog or you can download the ebook for free and carry off your booty.

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