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Thank you to those readers who have followed and read the serialized blog version of my fantasy novel Rys Rising: Book I. All of the chapters have been added to this blog and will remain here for more readers to find and enjoy.

All the chapters are easily accessed on the menu to the right and on the bottom of each page. If you are new here please start reading Chapter 1 Mountain Daughter.

If you enjoy Rys Rising: Book I you can download the whole novel as an ebook for free. Print versions can be purchased through this page.

Rys Rising: Book I launches a whole fantasy series that I have planned as four novels. The next novel Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II is now available.

Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II

Excerpt from Savage Storm:

“Amar. Dro-shalum. Amar. Dro-shalum.”

The voices of the Kez shouted each syllable precisely as their feet pounded around the bonfire. The chanting and stomping matched the commanding pulse of the booming drums. Amar wove among the circles, taking turns in each line so that all the Kez warriors could see him and praise him. They bowed to him and extended their arms toward him without touching him while continuing in their hectic shuffling dancing lines.

Amar felt himself dissolve into the larger entity of the gathered men. All of them were together now, moving as one, feeling the drums and bound by the intoxicating joy of lawless success and the promise of more.

Witnessing the magic light that had enveloped Amar had utterly convinced the men of their warlord’s greatness. None of them were mere outlaws anymore. They were now part of something extraordinary. The hardships of their lives were rendered meaningless. The amazing attention of Onja erased the shame of their crimes. The magic rys, daughter of the highest mountains, had chosen one of them as her most favored. She had not chosen a king or a priest.  She would raise an outlaw above all others, and with him would be his followers.

Amar reveled in their mutual bliss. The caressing presence of Onja had renewed him physically and spiritually. He was filled with raw potent confidence. His time was at hand. As he had remade himself he would remake the world because Onja asked it.

She had praised him for the progress he had made among the Kez, but she needed more from him. Many enemies she had provoked, and she would have her human friend be as powerful as he could be.

Amar was ready to oblige. Already these warriors who had been riding with him for months were entirely his. Even those who had begun as Lax Ar Fu’s spies and minions had become enamored of Amar – more of them everyday.

Amar worked his way to the bonfire. The conflagration was reaching its peak. Bright orange and yellow light illuminated Amar in his princely armor, and the heat shimmered behind him in a hot radiating halo. He turned his back to the fire and raised his arms. He shouted down the chanting, calling for his fighters to listen. His black silhouette against the glorious fire made him look like a dark demon rising from an eternally flaming pit.

“My Kez! My Kez!” he shouted until they ground to an attentive halt. The drumming quieted to a respectful yet ominous rumbling. “My Kez, you saw tonight that the rys Onja came to me,” Amar said.

Everyone shouted.

“She is pleased with how we have taught the tribal kings to respect us. She is pleased, but we have more to do. Much more. The world is bigger than you know. The world is richer than you know. The day will come when Onja will show us riches and glories that will make old legends fade. What was before us will be forgotten. We will be the elite men who serve the highest power. We will be the agents of the greatest will upon Gyhwen.”

You can purchase Savage Storm as an immediate download ebook for $4.95. 

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Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II

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