Union of Renegades Audiobook now at Google Play and Scribd

People who like epic fantasy but don’t have time to read great big adventures can turn to audiobooks. Fill those tedious hours of commuting, washing the dishes, and sweating on the treadmill with magical wars and unforgettable characters.

I’ve recently had an opportunity to expand my distribution of audiobooks beyond Audible and iTunes. Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I can now be downloaded from Google Play and Scribd. It should also be available to many library patrons as well, so be sure to look for it at your library’s digital collection. If you can’t find it, ask for it.

The good news about my new distribution venues is that I get to control pricing. So Union of Renegades is $8.99 at the new outlets just like here at Brave Luck Books.

If you like to get your media entertainment from Google Play or Scribd, then you have the option of diving into The Rys Chronicles. The next book, The Goddess Queen, will be appearing at these channels in a few weeks.

You can also easily purchase the mp3 audiobook right here too.

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I AUDIOBOOK
19 hours of audio
mp3 files delivered in .zip file


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Good News! Manuscript for Werewolf Castle completed

On July 3rd, I completed the manuscript for Werewolf Castle. I know it took me way too long to get this one written. Readers of the Werewolves in the Renaissance series have been waiting for it.

The next phases of editing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading will begin soon. Getting a manuscript ready for publication will take months, but at least I’m in the home stretch.

To be honest, writing this novel was a tough slog. Tougher than usual for me, but I had health problems that overwhelmed me in 2014 and significantly delayed the project. I am feeling better, but I have to be careful not to overwork myself going forward.

I thank my readers for their patience, and I look forward to publishing my next novel as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in my experiences as a writer, read What It Feels Like to Finish Writing a Novel that I published on Medium this weekend.

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Journey of the Hunted ebook only 99 cents entire month of May

It’s time for a 99-cents sale, and this one is going to last the whole month of May. If you’ve enjoyed reading Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale, dive into the next part of the story in Journey of the Hunted. The ebook is only $0.99 for a limited time.

Journey of the Hunted: Werewolves in the Renaissance 2

Ebook instant download only $0.99 till the end of May. (Regularly $2.99)

Check out with credit card or PayPal. Multiple currencies accepted. Choice of 3 digital formats (PDF, Kindle Mobi, or Epub).

Ebook also available globally at these retailers:


Google Play





Facing uncertain destinies, Thal and Altea must escape Bohemia. The Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand himself has signed the warrant for Thal’s capture on charges of shape shifting and the killing of Jesuits.

A hefty reward attracts countless bounty hunters into the heart of this 16th century Christian empire. Thal emerges from hiding with his young wife Altea who is barely recovered from torture at the hands of witch hunters. With his werewolf powers, he battles the bounty hunters and begins a daring journey across the Holy Roman Empire.

But more than men stalk him. Servants of Tekax, sorcerer to the Turks, have been unleashed upon his trail.

The werewolf Rotfeng covets the enchanted fur that lets Thal change form at will, regardless of the phase of the moon.

Worse yet comes Janfelter, an undying fext created in the dark fortress of Tekax.

These heartless killers are tasked with stopping Thal from reaching his father Sarputeen, the arch nemesis of Tekax. Thal’s only refuge awaits him in what is left of the Kingdom of Hungary after a Turkish conquest. In the remote castle Vlkbohveza the ancient sorcerer Sarputeen lives untouched despite widespread persecution of magic users and pagans.

Although Thal longs to be with his own kind, he worries about the reunion with his father. It was Sarputeen’s magic that made Thal a werelord, a master of wolves. But what shall the sorcerer require of his creation now that Tekax aims to settle an old score?

Ebook instant download only $0.99 till the end of May. (Regularly $2.99)


On May 5th and 6th only,

Find more great 99-cent ebook deals from many fantasy and sci fi authors.

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New Cover Art for Journey of the Hunted Ebook

Although the original cover of Journey of the Hunted actually looked quite compelling in person on a paperback, I never liked its digital presentation online. Ebook images are generally quite small at retail sites, so I created a bolder look for the ebook version of Journey of the Hunted that might stand out better when people scan images online.

Journey of the Hunted continues the story of Thal and Altea that began in Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale.

About the novel:

The folklore beliefs of the 16th century Renaissance come wildly to life in the werewolf hero Thal. Created by the infamous sorcerer Sarputeen, Thal now battles the dark servants of Tekax, wizard to the Turks and nemesis of Sarputeen. While escaping the Holy Roman Empire, Thal discovers more about his werewolf powers as he struggles to reach a refuge shrouded in mystery.


They drew closer to the cultivated lands, homesteads, and little villages at the outskirts of the city. Hugging a big bend in the river, Pardubice was busy with trade by land and water. Locals paid little attention to the little group of travelers wandering out of the logging area. Thal joined the traffic of peddlers and citizens bound for one of the city’s gates.

Men-at-arms wearing red surcoats emblazoned with a silver horse watched the gate. They were talking among themselves and appeared to be paying little attention to the people coming and going. Their number concerned Thal. A full dozen men seemed a heavy force at a gate on a peaceful afternoon.

Thal avoided eye contact and made an effort to slink by. His companions adopted the same demeanor. They hung close to a wagon creaking along with a fluffy load of hay, but just before they entered the gateway, a man-at-arms stepped in front of Thal. His helmet was embellished with silver accents, denoting some rank, and he slapped a hand on Thal’s chest.

“I haven’t seen this lot before,” the captain declared. His eleven men spread quickly around Thal’s group.

Thal resisted batting away the hand and remained outwardly calm.

“Are you going to speak?” the captain demanded.

Thal cleared his throat. “We’re a traveling troupe of entertainers. May I introduce three fine musicians of Venice, a songstress of Prague, and a magician worthy of the court of kings,” he said. Mileko glared at Thal because he disliked being labeled as some mere performer.

“Oh!” the captain said. He looked to his closest man for an opinion.

“A squirrely lot of tramps I see. Have the look of ne’er-do-wells that’ve been spending too much time eating mushrooms in the forest,” the other man-at-arms declared.

The captain nodded, well pleased with the assessment. “Off to the circus camp with them,” he said.

The gang of men-at-arms prodded everyone off the road.

“Where are you sending us?” Thal demanded.

“The other side of the city where performers stay,” the captain said.

“We can find our own way,” Thal insisted.

“I think you need an escort,” the captain said as if he won this same argument every day.

“Why can we not just go through the city?” Thal asked and gestured to the open gate where others were still passing through.

“Because this gate isn’t for beggar musicians and magicians now is it?” the captain said.

A raven settled on top of the wall and screeched down at Thal. He recognized the bird and sniffed the place suspiciously.

“Very well. Show us the way,” Thal said, suddenly meek.

You can purchase and immediately download the complete novel from this website or get it from your preferred ebook retailer.

Ebook only $2.99

3 formats available: PDF, Ebub, and Kindle Mobi

Buy Journey of the Hunted

Downloads available worldwide

Paperback $12.99 plus shipping


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain



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Equestrian tourists ride stallions in wide open spaces of Morocco

As someone who has some modest experience with riding horses, I can appreciate the allure of those equestrians competing in the an endurance horse race called the Gallops. In 2014, the first Gallops challenge took place in Oman. This one in Morocco is a six-day race. Riding teams must cover roughly 18 miles a day as they traverse mountains and deserts in southern Morocco.

As if that does not sound sufficiently exciting, the riders must ride stallions of the Barb breed of North Africa originally used as warhorses. And the riders meet their steeds when they start the race so they must build rapport while keeping control of their sturdy horses.

I can imagine the thrill of riding a horse at a gallop across a desert. In the article below, one competitor said that part of the pleasure of participating in the Gallops was the chance to ride open land without roads or fences.

Anyone who’s read my fiction can detect my appreciation of horses and horse riding. It’s part of the appeal of writing in fantasy genres.

Excerpt from Union of Renegades

The hooves of Starfield, the dappled gray warhorse that Dreibrand rode, plunged first into the flowing water. Dreibrand liked being first. The splashing of hundreds of riders and the snorting of displeased horses warned the Bostas lining the opposite bank that the crossing began.

Download the free ebook.- PDF, Epub, or Kindle

Download Chapter 1. mp3 Audiobook Sample – Stream, download, or save to Dropbox.

Morocco desert stallion race pushes limits of endurance

Battling gusts of sandy wind, riders from across the world struggled to control feisty stallions as they raced in the first Gallops of Morocco, a desert endurance challenge. In a country with an ancient history of horsemanship, the event in the wilderness of Merzouga was the first of its kind — a six-day test of stamina, navigation and teamwork. Continue reading

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Late Winter Savings 50% Off Ebooks and Audiobooks by Tracy Falbe

It’s March 5th in Michigan, and some snow and freezing rain are coming in tonight to remind me that thinking spring does not make it spring.

While I continue to work on writing my next novel, I’ve created a 50% off coupon code for this website. Use it to save on ebooks or audiobooks sold directly by Falbe Publishing.

When you checkout enter


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This will save you 50% on your purchase.

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Individual titles of Rys Rising series or the bundle.

Journey of the Hunted

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Read an Ebook Week Specials! 50% Off Select Titles

It’s the first full week of March and that means it’s READ AN EBOOK WEEK at Smashwords where thousands of indie authors and publishers offer special discounts all week. You’ll find free ebooks, 25% off, 50% off, and 75% off.

Browse all Titles Participating in the Promotion.

I’ve applied 50 percent discounts to my fantasy titles at Smashwords. Sale lasts until March 10, 2018.

Browse all Titles by TRACY FALBE at Smashwords.


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Savage Storm ebook on sale for $0.99 plus shop 38 more ebooks

Sale Over. Join my Readers’ List to be notified of future specials.



Also find Savage Storm on sale at these retailers:


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But Wait There’s More! Shop 38 more fantasy and sci fi ebooks on sale for $0.99

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The Secret is Out: The Right Music Boosts Productivity

I’ve known for many years what this article from Popular Science reveals. Listening to a certain style of music improves focus and helps me write. It can help people concentrate on other tasks too. For example, the article says that listening to music of the right style aids surgeons. If you got a surgery coming up, you might want to ask what’s on the surgeon’s playlist.

So, what kind of music enhances focus and the ability to work productively?

This article promotes video game soundtracks as an ideal. This makes sense because everything about video games is carefully designed to maintain the focus of players and keep them from doing anything else. I’ll add that many types of movie soundtracks serve just as well.

The key is that the music should have no lyrics or at least very little singing. As a writer, I’ve been listening to orchestral-style music, mostly movie soundtracks, while writing for years. The absence of lyrics is essential because I’m choosing and organizing words. Song lyrics would distract from that.

I supplement my music collection with the Epic Soundtracks station at Pandora. It’s an awesome writing aid. The music blocks out household noise, keeps my writing pace at a certain rhythm, and provides enjoyment as well.

You should be listening to video game soundtracks at work

Productivity studies suggest you can boost your output with the right music. Make sure to artfully arrange your workspace so it looks good in pictures Pixabay As I write these words, a triumphant horn is erupting in my ear over the rhythmic bowing of violins. Continue reading

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Bayeux Tapestry and how images shape historical views

As the article shared below explains, the Bayeux Tapestry is an exceptional example of historical propaganda. The 230-foot tapestry that depicts the Norman Conquest of 1066 from the Norman point of view is headed for display in England, the country that was conquered. The tapestry has not been in the country since artisans completed the embroidery over 900 years ago.

The effort that the creation of the immense tapestry must have required reveals the motivations of those who planned the work. They placed great importance on shaping the images that would influence people’s view of history and the social order. This is always one of the goals of mass media. The images and narratives shown in books, television, films, internet, and even fabric can skew realities in one or two generations and erase whole points of view. Historical acceptance eventually confers legitimacy.

As a fantasy author, my task includes the building of worlds. As a student of mass media and propaganda, I’ve always tried to weave propagandist elements into my stories. My characters who’re part of elite segments often take great care in managing how the larger society perceives and reacts to their actions. The first epic series that I wrote, The Rys Chronicles, has many examples of this type of narrative crafting. In that story, a society undergoes a great rebellion. I show how the rebels play upon the emotions of the people to elicit the responses that they need. I also include details that show how the art and philosophies of the existing order have permeated and controlled the society up to the point of rebellion.

English and French rivalry highlighted by loan of historic Bayeux Tapestry

French President Emmanuel Macron visits England on Thursday to discuss a host of bilateral issues, from migration to Brexit. That seems like a pretty routine, boring story. Yet excitement is rising in both countries because of a single piece of cloth. Continue reading

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