Lord of the Rings TV series has great potential

Amazon wants to have a hit fantasy television series of its own. Envious of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” success, Amazon Studios has started negotiations with the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien regarding the creation of a “Lord of the Rings” television show, according to a report in Variety. Jeff Bezos himself is said to be involved. No official deals have yet to emerge, but I certainly agree that the world of Middle Earth has almost limitless potential for great fantasy stories. You don’t have to stick to the stories. Just use the world.

I would make a television series that shows Aragorn’s younger days as a Ranger with the Dunedain. He and the rangers could fight monsters most episodes and have elf girlfriends whenever possible. The world can have that great idea for free, unless of course the Tolkien estate turns Bezos down. Then Amazon can pay me to write a thrilling alternative. If you want some free fantasy fiction, download one of my novels.

Can A ‘Lord Of The Rings’ TV Series Measure Up To ‘Game Of Thrones’ Success?

Another epic fantasy series could soon find itself a television home, as Amazon is reportedly eyeing a television adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy series, “The Lord of the Rings.” According to Variety, Warner Bros. Continue reading

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Extinct human species inspire fantasy races and monsters

My whole life I’ve been fascinated by human ancestors or prehistoric members of the genus homo. Neanderthals are the most well known. Their disappearance from Europe at the same time that modern homo sapiens moved into the continent has held the attention of researchers for years. Many ideas have been presented about their downfall, but I’ve always suspected that humans hunting Neanderthals played a big role in their disappearance. I base this belief on what I know of recorded human history. Wiping out neighboring peoples and taking their lands have been standard operating procedures for thousands of years. Humans have been known to wipe out many species. Hunting is considered the major reason for the mass extinction of megafauna and the rise of agriculture. We killed all of the animals and had to figure out another way to get food.

Reading and writing fantasy literature usually includes humans warring with other races, usually nasty orcs that represent the unsightly other that must be killed and can be killed without regret. I believe that the races and monsters that make the fantasy genre so fun and interesting are derived from our deep body memory of battles fought in distant ages when we were not the only species making weapons. It’s not too far of a stretch to image a burly Neanderthal as a giant or troll.

The article below suggests that the steady influx of more humans into the continent of Europe gradually caused our species to prevail and the other to wither.

Neanderthals were doomed to fail, new study suggests

Neanderthals lived at the same time as early humans. They were strong, smart, and in many ways better than their counterparts. Yet humans endured, while Neanderthals went extinct (though in a way, we still carry them around through our DNA). Continue reading

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Archeology a constant source of inspiration for my fantasy writing

This article about a 1,000-year-old Viking sword found by a hunter in the Norwegian Mountains easily suggests a story to me. Unlike the speculation in the article that someone dropped the sword while lost in a blizzard, I like to imagine someone trekking up to 5,000 feet above sea level and hurling a magic sword into the snowy waste to escape its curse. It might explain why archeologists have not found any other artifacts or a body near the sword.

1,000-Year-Old Viking Sword Discovered In Norwegian Mountains

A reindeer hunter in the mountains of southern Norway stumbled upon a Viking sword that has survived exposure to the elements for more than 1,000 years. Einar Åmbakk found the sword because half … Continue reading

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Predators and Prey react to molecule in spilled blood

This article about the E2D molecule shows how the microscopic world influences the macro world. The process of fats breaking down in blood exposed to air creates the molecule. Scientists have concluded that E2D provokes interest and excitement in predators, like wolves, and bothers prey species, like bunny rabbits and humans.

While writing my werewolf novels, I’ve considered the olfactory sense quite a bit because the werewolves base many decisions on scent information. And my werewolf hero, Thal, is always deeply sensitive to bloodshed. It beckons his wolfish knowledge of feasting on a kill but worries his humanity.

Scientists find blood molecule that attracts wolves, repels humans

The faintest whiff of a molecule from mammal blood known as E2D sends some animals into a predatory frenzy but frightens others — including people — into retreat, scientists have discovered. Never before has the same molecule been known to provoke diametrically opposite behaviours in creatures ranging from horse flies to humans, hinting at deep evolutionary roots, they reported in the journal Scientific Reports. Continue reading

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Wolf attacks at Israeli campsites result from humans feeding them

Writing the Werewolves in the Renaissance series has included researching wolf history and behavior. This information guides the portrayal of my werewolf hero Thal. Because wolves have been cultural bad guys for centuries, I investigated just how dangerous wolves are to people. Recorded events showed that on rare occasions wolves target poorly attended children. Essentially, they don’t hunt us unless vulnerable young stray from safety or a parent, like Red Riding Hood’s mother, sends a girl alone into the woods with a basket of food.

The news below details the recent rash of wolf attacks against children at campgrounds in Israel. Although the headline raises the usual alarm about the big bad wolf, the article eventually reveals that people had been feeding wolves, which allowed them to lose their historic fear of interacting with humans. Now that they felt comfortable entering campgrounds, stray juicy children proved to be tempting targets. Fortunately, the families successfully defended their children from the wolf attacks.

Wolves in Israel are raiding campsites to try to snatch children, experts warn

There have been ten attacks by wolves on humans in the past four months in Israel, and in most cases the animals were trying to make off with infants or babies, the Haaretz daily reported on Tuesday. In what is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon, wolves are approaching campsites to try and snatch what they can… Continue reading

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Women driving in Saudi Arabia could let Genie out of the bottle

I was very happy to see the news that Saudi Arabia has ended its ban on women driving cars. I hope it is a tiny step forward for women in that country that will lead to additional destruction of the tyranny that imprisons them. The unreasonably strict patriarchy of that kingdom essentially makes all women criminals, subject to perpetual house arrest. My readings about the abuses suffered by women in that country have been a source of inspiration in my writings. As a fantasy writer, the civilizations I create are pre-industrial and modeled on patriarchy, which imposes tyranny on all people, men and women, so that a few can hold great power. The tyranny of the home upholds the tyranny of the state.

Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive

In a reversal of a longstanding rule, Saudi Arabia has announced that it will now allow women to drive. In a royal decree signed by King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the order said it will be effective immediately but the rollout will take months, Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday. A high level committee of ministers has… Continue reading

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Linda Hamilton to appear in 6th Terminator Film

If there’s one famous science fiction heroine that women like, even those who don’t call themselves sci fi fans, it’s Sarah Connor from The Terminator. I’m pleased to see in the news below that Linda Hamilton has joined the cast for the next Terminator movie, the 6th in the franchise. Her performance in the first movie, The Terminator, released in 1984, was crucial to the movie’s success.

She was just a young woman, living the life of most young women. A job. A roommate. A little freedom.

She wasn’t some corseted female trained to kill by the CIA that Hollywood loves to fling upon audiences. Her natural tenacity to survive and willingness to fight embodied the ancient ferocity of womanhood. Her upcoming appearance in the new film will round out her development of the character beautifully. In The Terminator, she was the maiden. In T2, the matron, and I’m sure that her next performance as the crone will be inspiring as well.

Linda Hamilton is back: Actress joins Schwarzenegger, Cameron on ‘Terminator’ franchise

Actress Linda Hamilton is ready to once again save the world as Sarah Connor. Science fiction fans have wondered whether producer James Cameron and star Arnold Schwarzenegger could convince the iconic female lead in the franchise’s first two films – 1984’s “The Terminator” and 1991’s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” – to join them for the franchise’s… Continue reading

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Eastern Coyotes in the news stalking dog walker in New Jersey

Eastern coyotes, also known as coy-wolves, have become prevalent in the Eastern United States. They live near me in Michigan, and I have both heard them and seen them. They creep into my neighborhood in mid to late summer to hunt juvenile geese before they can fly away.

Although pet owners need to take precautions against their animals getting eaten by these wily animals, it does comfort me to know that the wild world persists. Coy-wolves have adapted to our urban and suburban environments. They appear to be thriving even though they can be hunted at will, at least in my area. To learn more about this species that emerged from matings of wolves and coyotes, I recommend the documentary Meet the Coy-wolf.

Band of aggressive coyotes surrounds dog-walker in Saddle River

SADDLE RIVER– Police issued an alert after approximately five coyotes circled a person out walking a dog Thursday. The incident occurred on Oak Road, where the band came within six feet of the person and tried to snatch the dog, police said. A passing motorist honked and then left the vehicle to help scare the animals… Continue reading

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20 Quotes About the Love of Books and Reading

I found this collection of quotes extolling books at the International Business Times. Books offer a unique form of entertainment and education that engages the mind in an active give and take. Books make us feel and think, which are two tremendous achievements because many people seem capable of neither. My favorite quote on the list comes from Julian Barnes about how books offer explanations and life tends not to.

National Book Lovers Day 2017 Quotes

Aug. 9 marks the National Book Lovers Day. It is unclear how this day was first marked, however, many celebrate it by picking up their favorite book and settling down in a nice reading spot. On National Book Lovers Day, you can visit one of the 120,000 libraries in the U.S. and grab your favorite book.… Continue reading

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