Tracy Falbe complete fantasy works 2016 – ebook value bundle

It’s been known to happen. Someone enjoys one of my novels so much that he or she buys all of my novels.

The low price of ebooks makes this a trifling indulgence, especially if you go for the ebook value bundle of my complete fantasy works as of 2016.

The bundle contains:

  • Union of Renegades
  • The Goddess Queen
  • Judgment Rising
  • The Borderlands of Power
  • Rys Rising
  • Savage Storm
  • New Religion
  • Love Lost
  • Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale
  • Journey of the Hunted

Altogether, these ebooks would be $32.69 at normal retail price. Only at my website can you get the bundle of 10 novels for $19.99.

If you’ve read one or more of my free ebooks and decided that my fiction really satisfies, then load up your ebook reader and have hours and hours of entertainment.

If you’ve read all or most of my work and really liked it, consider giving my novels as a gift.

Gifting of digital items is enabled at this site by my SendOwl download service. To send an ebook or audiobook as a gift:

  1. Select “yes” for gift at top of checkout form.
  2. Enter details about recipient
  3. Set a delivery date unless you want immediate delivery
  4. Include a message
  5. Pay for it!

Tracy Falbe Complete Fantasy Works 2016

(10 Novel Value Bundle of The Rys Chronicles, Rys Rising series, Werelord Thal, and Journey of the Hunted)

$19.99 USD




Payment processing system accepts many currencies and digital delivery is worldwide.

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Work in Progress Excerpt from Werewolf Castle


Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my work in progress Werewolf Castle. It will complete the trilogy I have planned for the Werewolves in the Renaissance series.

At the end of the second book, Journey of the Hunted, I established that Thal and his father Sarputeen would pursue the destruction of Tekax. He and Sarputeen have a long history of rivalry, but their conflict had been dormant for decades. After Thal became a werewolf, Tekax sent assassins to kill him so that Sarputeen would never have the power of his son on his side.

In this excerpt, Mileko, who has studied as Sarputeen’s protege, has gone to spy on Tekax and been captured. Tekax hopes to turn Mileko against his master…


“And Sarputeen must be overjoyed to have his son back with him,” Tekax said and watched Mileko very closely. He detected a genuine hint of resentment, and the insight thrilled him. When Mileko showed no sign of answering, Tekax pressed the issue.

“Suddenly, his son is here, and he has no need for you anymore. He sent you on this foolish mission to spy on me to get rid of you.”

Mileko did not believe it, but he thought that he should play along.

“He places much value on Thal,” he admitted diplomatically.

Janfelter said, “When I was walking back here, I took care to ask many questions while still near Zilina. They say that you were his protégé. What are you now?”

Tekax raised his eyebrows, very interested in the response. Mileko hated how Janfelter’s question provoked him. Since Thal had arisen from the forest, Sarputeen had only thought of him. He had dispatched Mileko swiftly to guide him to Vlkbohveza, and Mileko had endured many difficulties in the company of his master’s unruly son.

And Sarputeen had barely thanked him for completing the task that would have ruined others of lesser skill. Indeed, Sarputeen had barely spoken to him since Thal had arrived at his castle. To be fair, the need to dispatch a spy had been urgent, and Mileko was surely the best agent for that purpose. Despite that reason, Mileko was forced to face the bald fact of his jealousy. Would Sarputeen have time for him again? Would he place all of his attention on his son? Uncomfortably, Mileko suspected he knew the answer.

Jealousy, resentment, insecurity, none of these things mattered compared to what Tekax might offer him. Mileko’s needs were simple, and, no matter his feelings about anything else, he respected Sarputeen’s judgement, and his master had warned him long ago that Tekax brought only wrong into the world. Janfelter proved that.

Wisdom demanded, however, that Mileko appear tempted.

“I am what I have always been. A man with talents who does as he pleases,” Mileko finally answered.

“Would it please you to do the work of men and not animals?” Tekax asked.

“So, you would give me my life in exchange for my service?” Mileko asked.

“I may forestall your execution until you prove yourself,” Tekax said.

Deep foreboding jiggled Mileko’s stomach. He realized that Tekax gave no one life. Worse yet, in the presence of such a notorious sorcerer, he suspected that agreeing to anything with Tekax might involve the application of dark magic. Sarputeen had never bound him with such a thing.

Tekax reached out with his bony fingers. His nails were unpleasantly long, thick, and yellow. He traced a nail down the center of Mileko’s chest as if pondering how to approach a surgery.

“How many men serve Sarputeen?” he asked.

“Two if you include me. And Thal of course. Perhaps a dozen men from his village might fight for him,” Mileko answered.

Janfelter chuckled, and Tekax looked a little insulted. “And he dares to think he can act against me?”

“You tried to kill his son. Do you expect a different reaction?” Mileko said.

Contempt deepened the wrinkles on Tekax’s narrow face when he frowned. “His beast powers don’t frighten me,” he said.

“Evidently not,” Mileko said. Nervously, he watched Tekax drag a finger around his navel. Then, the sorcerer lifted himself up a bit with his cane and leaned over Mileko’s head. He laid a hand on his forehead, feigning tenderness.

Softly, he said, “I know it’s not easy to give up your loyalty to him. He possesses a glamour that makes others love him. This I know. But I could make you forget all of that. I could lead you to many great glories.”

The hand was hot on his head, almost burning. The totality of his vulnerability barreled into his consciousness, crushing him with the dire truth of his situation. He clung to his previous life like a wild cat being torn down from a tree by manic dogs.

“It’s time to move on. I can teach you so much more than Sarputeen,” Tekax whispered…or did Mileko hear the words in his head?

He shut his eyes and rallied his discipline. He must not let this snake slither into his soul.


To begin reading this series, go download Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale for free.


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Entries open for $15 Amazon gift card giveaway

Blog tour for The Rys Chronicles

The Silver Dagger Scriptorium has launched the promotional blog tour for The Rys Chronicles.

This is the first epic series that I wrote and published, and it’s time to drum up new publicity for it. Thousands of readers all over the world have enjoyed this series since I completed its publication in 2007.

If you’re looking for a new epic fantasy full of interesting characters and magical challenges, you can read the first book, Union of Renegades, for free. After downloading a copy, go over to the Silver Dagger Scriptorium and enter the giveaway drawing for a $15 Amazon gift card.

Over the next two weeks, as more bloggers join the tour, I’ll update this page with links to those blogs so that people can discover blogs written by avid readers.

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7 people can get Union of Renegades audiobook for $2.99


Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I is also an audiobook, which means fans of epic fantasy who don’t have time to read can listen to a great story.

Union of Renegades is normally $8.95 in audio format, but this special coupon code for my website will let you buy the mp3 files for only $2.99.

But the coupon code only works for the first 7 people to use it at checkout. 

Visit the audiobooks page at Brave Luck Books and add Union of Renegades to your cart.

At checkout, enter lucky7 in the discount code box and proceed with payment. You’ll then get the .zip folder with the mp3 files.

Please note that Union of Renegades is also available at iTunes and Audible, but I don’t control pricing there and this coupon code does not work at other retailers.

About Union of Renegades
In this opening novel of The Rys Chronicles you’ll meet a man scarred by bad deeds who answers the call of a heroic cause. An unconventional heroine will tug at your sympathies as she bravely faces adversity with all the strengths and vulnerabilities of her womanhood. And overarching it all are the rys. Their magic makes them superior to humans, but they are not above employing humans in their deadly schemes.

Listen to an audio excerpt at Brave Luck Books.

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Blog Tour with Giveaway coming up for The Rys Chronicles Box Set

Blog tour for The Rys Chronicles

Book Bloggers can start signing up for a blog tour that has just been scheduled for The Rys Chronicles Box Set: The Complete Series.

Sign up here.

Tour dates:

October 18 through November 1st.

Thank you to The Silver Dagger Scriptorium for getting this event rolling. Blogs that sign up have a chance to attract attention with my giveaway drawing. Participation will also increase followers for the tour hosts.

Prizes Offered:

  • $15 Amazon Gift Card
  • The Rys Chronicles 4-book Paperback set (ships within US only)
  • The Rys Chronicles Box Set ebook x3 (international)

Join my email list to be updated when the tour starts and the giveaway drawing opens for entry.

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See my television interview at APN TV Media on these Michigan cable channels


Today, my nearly hour long interview at Author Publishing Network TV hit APN’s YouTube channel. And tomorrow, the interview will show to Michigan cable television viewers on Comcast 21, 916, Charter 187, Buckeye 69, and Deerfield 22.

APN is a literary book network, and its interviews show on Tuesday at 8 p.m. and Wednesday at noon. This represents my first television appearance. I had a truly wonderful time recording the interview with the APN hosts Steven Hill and Michelle Meiring at the studio in Monroe, Michigan.

Cable television viewers in Southern Michigan will have a chance to get to know me and meet the hero of my newest fantasy series, Werewolves in the Renaissance.

You can watch the interview right here, and, if you have any questions, contact me through this form.


The Werewolves in the Renaissance series begins with the novel Werelord Thal. The setting is 1561 Bohemia, and Thal’s mother cast the werewolf spell upon him so that he could avenge her torture and death at the hands of witch hunters in Prague.

People who enjoy ebooks, can read Werelord Thal in its entirety for free.

Free Epub

Free Kindle

Free PDF

Free ebook also available at:

The novel has been produced in paperback.

Paperback $12.99 + Shipping


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain

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Two 5-star reviews for Journey of the Hunted at the UK Kindle store

Journey of the Hunted: Werewolves in the Renaissance

I’m grateful to the two readers in the UK who took the time leave 5-star reviews for Journey of the Hunted: Werewolves in the Renaissance 2. They bought the ebook from the Kindle store, and both expressed their eagerness to read the next part of the series.

Despite my recent health challenges that have delayed the writing of the next book in the series, Werewolf Castle, I am working on that novel. I’m currently 13 chapters in, and I’d like to believe that I could publish it in 2017!

Over the years, I’ve noticed that my ratings from UK readers tend to be the best. Perhaps people in the United Kingdom are very polite, or perhaps my writing is particularly dazzling for them. Either way, I’m grateful to have entertained a few people.

Journey of the Hunted picks up the story exactly where it left off in Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale. Altea is recovered enough from torture to travel. She and Thal emerge from hiding near Prague along with Mileko and their musician friends. Mileko has been sent by Thal’s father, the sorcerer Sarputeen, to guide him to his father’s castle.

As the title implies, Thal and his company shall be hunted. Bounty hunters eager to collect the huge price on Thal’s head after his killing spree clog the roads, but a new enemy appears. He is Tekax, a sorcerer who has long been in the east aiding the Ottoman Turks, but now he had returned to Central Europe to pursue his old vendetta against Sarputeen. He intends to kill Thal and sends his loyal servant, the werewolf Rotfeng, to hunt him.

Ebook $2.99




My ebooks are also distributed at these online retailers:

Google Play Store
Amazon Kindle
Apple iBooks

Paperback $12.99 + Shipping


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain


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Dark Fantasy short story added to Kobo and Google Play

Lessons Learned: A Rys World Short StoryIn May, I released a short story written within the fantasy world of the Rys exclusively in Kindle stores. I thought I’d test out the possibility that by granting Amazon the exclusive right to distribute Lessons Learned the retailer might show me some merchandising love.

As I expected would happen, I could detect no benefit from withholding my creation from other retail outlets. I’ve begun the process of expanding its distribution. I’ll even add it to this website eventually.

I can happily announce that right now Lessons Learned: A Rys World Short Story is available globally through Kobo Books and Google Play.

This story presents a crucial episode of back story from The Rys Chronicles, one of my big four-book epics.

About Lessons Learned:

A rash act of defiance will thrust Shan into a high stakes competition with Onja, his lover, his queen.

His compassion for a mere human starts his descent into a dangerous test that he is not prepared for. Then, his desire to be his own master drives him to continue. Shan feels his magic growing inside him. He sees the good that can be accomplished if only he can stop the vicious queen who has ruled over the rys and her human worshippers for centuries.

Step into the epic world of the rys with this short story from the Rys World that inspired eight other fantasy novels by Tracy Falbe.

Read it today at:

Excerpt from Lessons Learned:

The presence of the humans was thick in the Jingten Valley. Shan could feel them in his homeland. Their bodies touched his sensitive mind with the energy of their short lives. If he applied himself, he could even feel the pumping pulse of their hearts and understand their thoughts in all of their languages.

It was the height of the tribute season, and tribal delegations were approaching the city of Jingten or departing.

This morning, a delegation from the Zenglawa Tribe entered the city. The King came with a sampling of wives and retainers. Three dozen of his warriors guarded his wagons laden with gold, jewels, food, and other goods of fine crafting.

Jingten with its blue stone buildings and copper roofs accepted the Zenglawa caravan like the bored host of a tedious party. The caravans came every year. They were supposed to come. For centuries, the tribes had brought their gifts to Onja, their Queen, their Goddess.

For a hundred years now, Shan had stood upon the balconies of Onja’s Keep and watched the humans come into the city of the rys. He could see over the city from the heights of the massive Keep. Its receding tiers of dark stone lorded over the city in stark contrast to the residential architecture of the rest of Jingten. The city was old, built to last, and the buildings were accented with stained glass windows in colors from tender lavenders to bold red. The homes and buildings set gracefully amid the manicured hedges and ancient trees in dignified permanence.

The sharp-edged Keep, however, jutted up from the shore of Lake Nin and dominated the cityscape like a bear rolling on flowers. A high stone wall contained its yards and metal gates where ornate birds locked claws guarded the entrance with enchanted wrought iron. The Keep announced the power of the Queen and declared that none should ever dare to challenge her authority.

Shan loved Queen Onja. She had been his caretaker and teacher, and she was more than that now. Onja spared him loneliness. A gulf separated Shan from the rest of his kind. He possessed powers far beyond the typical rys. Indeed, his talent had been so special that Onja took him into her arms as a rysling, orphaned, and bereft of kin.

He focused on the soft lamb’s wool tunic in his hands. He gathered the fine fabric that had come from the loom of some unknown but skilled lowland woman and pulled the tunic over his head. He slipped his long blue arms into the sleeves and slid the tunic down his smooth blue chest.

Shan ran his fingers through his short black hair after putting on his shirt. He grabbed his green suede jacket that was draped over the balcony railing and tossed it on without buttoning it. He took a half step toward the open balcony doors but then paused to admire the morning sun on the mountains that surrounded the Jingten Valley. Gold and pink glowed from the snowy peaks of the Rysamand Mountains. The gentle early autumn sunrise could not soften the harsh towering mountains that were beautiful yet always cold.

Shan took a deep breath and let his senses caress the mountain tops. He loved the Rysamand, as all rys did. This was their world, the Rystavalla, and it gave them life and it fueled their magic.

He approached the balcony doorway. White curtains covered the opening and twinkled with silver threads. A breeze billowed the curtains around him as he entered the bedchamber of Queen Onja. Opposite the balcony doors was a huge four-post bed. Its great carved bedposts rose to a canopy draped with blue velvet. Pine cones and birds were carved into the wood, twining and climbing up the posts with the vivacious energy of a happy spring day.

In a white gown and robe, Onja reposed against her gold threaded pillows. Far older than a thousand winters, she looked cold yet beautiful. Her blue skin, unblemished and perfect, was the same shade as the blue stone mountains that ruled her realm as surely as she did. Long white hair flowed from her head over her pillows, and a choker necklace of diamonds, each cut with one hundred and one facets, held her strong blue neck.

Onja opened her eyes—black eyes, dark as the abyss of knowledge that was her mind. She sat up when Shan approached her bedside. Her robe fell from her left shoulder, exposing that corner of her lovely physique. Shan plopped confidently into the bed and touched her bare shoulder.

“It will be a good day at court today,” Onja said.

Shan reclined alongside her legs. He put his hands behind his head and said, “I do not want to go. I want to go hiking.”

Before she could admonish him, which he saw coming, Shan grinned. “Come with me, Onja. The mountains are lonely without you,” he said.

A fond smile came to her lips. “You are young, Shan, and once I explored the land with equal relish, but I no longer need to. I can feel the Rysamand beneath my feet even from here,” she said.

Shan sighed and said that he would miss her, but then Onja’s kindness slipped from her face. “You are still holding court with me,” she said. “Do not let yourself become bored with it. I am teaching you an important lesson if you would pay attention.”

Her subtle anger poked Shan, and he sat up. He had not meant to provoke her displeasure. She was his teacher, and no other being in the world had the knowledge to offer that she did. He would mind his lessons, as she bid him.

“Yes, Onja,” he said.

Finish the story at:


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Outcast Journeys sells at multiple retailers during first week of release


I’m happy to announce that Outcast Journeys: Fantasy and Sci Fi Box Set by Eight Great Authors has sold copies at Kindle US, Kindle Australia, Kindle UK, Kindle Germany, Google Play, iBooks, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

I collaborated with seven other authors from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia to create this anthology.

We’re hoping that fantasy readers will enjoy the chance to discover our magical worlds for the value price of only $0.99.

Visit the Outcast Journeys page at your preferred retailer to see details about the 9 novels and novellas included in this anthology.


Kindle US
Kindle UK
Kindle AU
Kindle CA
Kindle DE
Kindle NL
Kindle FR
Kindle IT
Kindle ES

Google Play

Apple iBooks

Barnes & Noble Nook

Kobo Books

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Outcast Journeys Box Set Preorder Available


Fantasy and Sci Fi readers who’re looking for new authors to enjoy should pick up Outcast Journeys: Fantasy and Sci Fi Box Set by Eight Great Authors.

This ebook box set is only $0.99 and represents a collaboration among authors from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.. They are Nathan Anton, Tiffany Cherney, Tara Maya, Scarlett Van Dijk, Tracy Falbe, Ashley Capes, Alex James & James T Kelly.

This value-priced box set will release on August 2nd.

You can preorder it right now for only $0.99 and have it automatically available to you on August 2nd. 

This box set is available worldwide at Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobo Books, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Visit the Outcast Journeys page at your preferred retailer to see details about the 9 novels and novellas included in this anthology.


Kindle US
Kindle UK
Kindle AU
Kindle CA
Kindle DE
Kindle NL
Kindle FR
Kindle IT
Kindle ES

Google Play

Apple iBooks

Barnes & Noble Nook

Kobo Books

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