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Medieval History supports killing many noble characters in fantasy fiction

A PhD student from the University of Oslo took the time to examine the validity of the number of characters that George R. R. Martin likes to kill in his Song of Ice and Fire Series. The author is famous … Continue reading

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I’m a tiny atom bonding with readers

I think I can speak on behalf of most indie authors by saying that it’s frustrating to be a quantum particle in a vast universe of reading choices. Visibility is the number one barrier to authors finding readers, and it’s … Continue reading

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Nature and magic fuel fantasy fiction settings and plots

Epic adventure requires an epic setting. Read on and consider how fantasy novels blend magic with the grandeur of Nature to create powerful entertainment. Two of the most common elements in fantasy novels are Nature and magic. They are linked … Continue reading

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Get ready for some epic summer reading

Where I live, Memorial Day weekend marks the opening of the summer tourist season. Michigan is a summer tourist destination because our normally dour and hostile climate gives way to lush growth and moderate temperatures amid thousands of lakes and … Continue reading

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Making progress on my new novel

Chapter by chapter, I’m approaching the completion of my next novel, Werewolf Castle. It will be the third part in the Werewolves in the Renaissance series. From some of the reviews left online by readers of the earlier werewolf novels, … Continue reading

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Tracy Falbe complete fantasy works 2016 – ebook value bundle

It’s been known to happen. Someone enjoys one of my novels so much that he or she buys all of my novels. The low price of ebooks makes this a trifling indulgence, especially if you go for the ebook value … Continue reading

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Work in Progress Excerpt from Werewolf Castle

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my work in progress Werewolf Castle. It will complete the trilogy I have planned for the Werewolves in the Renaissance series. At the end of the second book, Journey of the Hunted, I established … Continue reading

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Entries open for $15 Amazon gift card giveaway

The Silver Dagger Scriptorium has launched the promotional blog tour for The Rys Chronicles. This is the first epic series that I wrote and published, and it’s time to drum up new publicity for it. Thousands of readers all over … Continue reading

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7 people can get Union of Renegades audiobook for $2.99

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I is also an audiobook, which means fans of epic fantasy who don’t have time to read can listen to a great story. Union of Renegades is normally $8.95 in audio format, but … Continue reading

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Blog Tour with Giveaway coming up for The Rys Chronicles Box Set

Book Bloggers can start signing up for a blog tour that has just been scheduled for The Rys Chronicles Box Set: The Complete Series. Sign up here. Tour dates: October 18 through November 1st. Thank you to The Silver Dagger … Continue reading

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