Wolf attacks at Israeli campsites result from humans feeding them

Writing the Werewolves in the Renaissance series has included researching wolf history and behavior. This information guides the portrayal of my werewolf hero Thal. Because wolves have been cultural bad guys for centuries, I investigated just how dangerous wolves are to people. Recorded events showed that on rare occasions wolves target poorly attended children. Essentially, they don’t hunt us unless vulnerable young stray from safety or a parent, like Red Riding Hood’s mother, sends a girl alone into the woods with a basket of food.

The news below details the recent rash of wolf attacks against children at campgrounds in Israel. Although the headline raises the usual alarm about the big bad wolf, the article eventually reveals that people had been feeding wolves, which allowed them to lose their historic fear of interacting with humans. Now that they felt comfortable entering campgrounds, stray juicy children proved to be tempting targets. Fortunately, the families successfully defended their children from the wolf attacks.

Wolves in Israel are raiding campsites to try to snatch children, experts warn

There have been ten attacks by wolves on humans in the past four months in Israel, and in most cases the animals were trying to make off with infants or babies, the Haaretz daily reported on Tuesday. In what is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon, wolves are approaching campsites to try and snatch what they can…

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